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Going Old School: analog photography sensibility in a modern world with Tanja

Tanja throws it down on her instagram account @wanderingtanja with a unique voice that is unmistakably hers. In a world where everyone has a camera Tanja stands out. She started in analog photography and her early roots are visible in the way she plays with digital. She dances with light and shadow, every image a reminder to look for the light. Tanja joined us for  a quick chat about what inspires her photography, her favourite artists and more. She is a lesson in finding your own creative voice and raising it for the world to hear.

Tanja’s Photography Journey

Tell us about the path that lead to photography?
As a kid I got my first analog camera and learned from my Dad who is an amature photographer. I still have a love for analog photography, there are no do-overs. It is what it is. When I started my instagram account and posted some snaps I was hooked and discovered outdoor photography and fell in love. And here we are. I love to play with natural light and the rich tones of nature. It doesn’t matter to me weather it is portraits, macro or landscape.

I like to inspire people to go out and enjoy nature, to stop an look around and to make choice to preserve this wonderful world.

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old world portrait of blonde woman with freckles and green eyes in nature with bob and knitted gray sweater
Photo Credit: @wanderingtanja

What is your favourite piece of your own work?
I’ve made a portrait of @lisannejagerphotography the first time we’ve met. Some shade from the tree fell on her face. It has a real retro vibe and the girl is stunning! I’ve reposted it on April 1st.

Inspiration & Goals

Where do you get your inspiration from?

fire wood alongside burning fire with flames
Photo Credit: @wanderingtanja

From other photographers, movies and from series. For example I am obsessed with Riverdale because of their use of light and dark in the series. The scenery, costumes, the angles etc. I love the Wes Anderson style as well.


Moody, intense, ordinary and magical are my keywords. I try and make pictures that show all the ordinary things in a new light. To play with light and dark.

Top 3 photography bucket list shots?
I would like to do a fantasy or post apocalyptic shoot some time. I don’t have a bucket list though. Most pictures are already taken at those places, I like to be creative in my own backyard. Iceland is on my regular bucket list.


Essential Gear?
A good pair of shoes!

And … the burning question everyone wants to know – what do you shoot with and how do you edit your photos?
Haha! I photograph with a Sony Alpha a100, it is an old DSLR. BUT I a lot of my pictures are also taken with my phone, Samsung S7, ‘cos the best camera is the one you have with you. Oh, and I edit with Lightroom mostly.

Most Memorable Photography Moment

Cloudy sunset photography of beach at sarna in Sweden with sky reflected in water
Photo Credit: @wanderingtanja

Most memorable photography moment?
It is a travel moment but I made some amazing pictures that night. I was on a roadtrip in Sweden and after a long drive we couldn’t find any place to make camp for the night. We saw a sight that must have meant ‘beach’ and started following it. We ended up on a lake, made camp at the beach and we got the most magical sunset. It also reminds me when I feel blue that something good is waiting out there for me.

Tanja’s Instagram

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